Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day

Every year I look forward to Mother's day. It isn't that my family doesn't show me love and gratitude all year round ... but something about having a day to celebrate my hardwork is pretty spectacular.

This year, for our date, Eric took me shopping on Friday night for a jeans jacket - we also happened across a skirt along the way that he happily added to the cart ;) We then went to listen to his friend, Brandon, play with his band at a bar. Never been to a bar before, but I got carded immediately... and all I drank was water. I'm sure I'll appreciate my youthful features as I get older...

Saturday night, Eric had to return the moving van we rented to pick up our grass and while he was out he sneakily picked up some flowers to surprise me with Sunday morning. He slipped out of bed while I was still sleeping, made breakfast, and then the whole family crawled in bed to eat! Seriously, my favorite tradition! We always make a mess, but Eric just throws the sheets in the wash and we all come away happy. Aaron made sure Audrey got enough to eat too as he shared his burrito like he saw Mama and Daddy doing.

I then was privileged to be allowed to get ready for church - alone! I locked myself in the backroom to do my hair and make up with no one crawling around my feet. It sure was nice!

After church, I asked if we could go to the temple to take some pictures. Every one loved the idea so we headed directly there after church.

It was wonderful that everyone was so excited to go - especially Aaron. He always talks about how he wants to go to the temple. I loved being able to see my children grow in righteousness at the temple - what a great gift!
 Aaron didn't know the people we asked to take the photo so he was not inclined to smile ;)

Then Elder Wilkinson and his companion came over to do their calls home for Mother's day. Aaron knighted him with his new sword ... then killed him.

I absolutely love my children and my husband. They are always saying "thank you" and "I love you." My heart melts each time one of my children reaches up to take my hand. Aaron and Audrey give the best hugs and are amazing rays of sunshine. We definitely have our hard days but they are so few compared to the many many amazing ones and incredible memories we are creating!

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