Monday, December 2, 2013

God Sent Me This Monkey

Last night, when I walked past Aaron's room, I saw the light was on. I checked our camera and couldn't find him in the room, so I went to investigate. This is what I found:
Totally asleep up there. I'm glad he didn't roll over! He is quite the monkey. He had to pull everything off the shelves to shimmy up there - I think I need to move those cubbies to a different spot in the room because he easily could go from the cubbies to the shelves on the wall and that wouldn't end well.

But given all his crazy antics, God sent this adorable monkey to me for a reason. Sometimes I feel like he takes better care of me than I do of him.

I had a hard night last night and around 1am, Aaron woke and called for me. I went in his room and he really wanted to snuggle with me so I moved his pillow and blanket to the floor and we laid down. He then asked if I was cold and jumped up to get me a blanket and moved his head over to share his pillow. He talked to me for a bit and told me about his cars and when I told him I needed to go back to my bed, he looked and me with sad eyes and told me that he wanted me to sleep with him on the floor. How precious. I stayed with him a while longer and then explained that I needed to sleep by Daddy. This seemed to make sense to him and he recommended that I go to my own bed. But it is amazing how much better I felt after his little hugs and kisses and knowing how much he wanted me to be beside him. I love him so much and I wouldn't trade one ounce of him for anything!

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