Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Audrey 4.5 Months!

We finally had Audrey's 4 month appointment today. Her pediatrician had surgery and with the holiday, this was the earliest we could get in. Here are her stats:
                                  Height:                          23.25"                27th Percentile
                                  Weight:                        11lbs 12oz            4th Percentile
                                  Head Circumference:        15.51"                  11th Percentile
                                  Weight for Height:                                  3rd Percentile
                                  Eye Color:                      Gorgeous Blue, Green - Almost Hazel
                                  Hair Color:                     Strawberry Blond and getting longer!
                                  Clothing Size:                 0-3 month with a few Newborn and 3 month clothes

Audrey is such a teeny, tiny package and I'm loving it! She is getting enough food (we calculated the ounces she eats and it is well with in the fine range) so she appears to simply be small. Cute, cute kid :)
Things Audrey Loves:

  • Christmas tree lights! If she is fussy, I place her beside the tree in either the bumbo or the swing and she calms right down.
  • Outside - again, no matter how fussy she is inside, if we go outside she calms down!
  • Tickles - she is super ticklish and giggles and smiles all the time. Especially when Daddy, Mama, or Aaron enters her view. She gets such a big, happy grin!
  • Bath time is still super relaxing for her. 
  • Scooting and moving. She is rarely holding still. She wakes up on the opposite side of the crib from where we laid her, flipped on her back.
  • Electronics. She loves to gaze at my phone or the computer or the TV.
  • Snuggles
Things Audrey Doesn't Love So Much
  • Lotion being rubbed on her tummy or back.
  • Dirty diapers.
Audrey truly is an angel. With the exception of teething, she is a giggly, happy girl. And even when she is teething, she is easily consoled. She is such a precious gift.

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  1. awww LOVE little audrey! we need to get together soon! miss you (:


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