Monday, November 5, 2012

This Kid Loves His Daddy

I wanted to take a moment to document this:

I was on the phone today and Aaron demanded a turn ... when he realized I wasn't talking to Eric, he practically threw the phone back at me and chanted, "Daddy! Daddy!"

Then he ran to the front door and tried to open it, again chanting, "Daddy! Daddy!"

And finally raced back to me and took the phone once more screaming, "Daddy! Daddy!"

So I jumped on the computer and asked Eric to call when it was convenient, thinking this would pacify Aaron ... well, Aaron assumed that Eric was on his way home (we talk to Eric on his way home from work every day and we meet him out at his car when he gets home), so he scrambled to get his shoes on and then started saying, "Go! Go! Outside! Daddy, Outside!!!" and when I told him Daddy wasn't outside, he looked like a lost puppy... he pouted and looked so sad...

This kiddo sure loves his Daddy!

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