Friday, November 9, 2012

Potty Talk

I've been holding off on the potty training thing since we have a road trip next week (the last thing I want is my toddler screaming "POTTY!" in the back the whole ride there), but every once in a while Aaron gets anxious to be on the potty...

Today was one of those times. He was dancing around that thing wanting to get on SO BAD! So I plopped him on and turned my back for a second ... and it was a second too long because he was so ready to pee (I think his dance was to help him hold it?) that he wasn't properly situated... now I need to wash my bathroom rug again. *sigh*

I got all excited for him anyway - and he loved it so much that after he got off and got a diaper, he wanted back on again.

Now I know, focus is key! I can't turn my back, not even for a second.

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