Monday, November 5, 2012

Again at the Park

Aaron just loves the park so much ... I know I post a bunch of pictures and videos of him playing there, but I can't help it! He's just so happy!!!
He loves driving and being the captain of his ship!

Climb up, slide down - repeat x10!

He also loves the basketball court... Whenever he sees a hoop he starts jumping and saying "Shoot! Shoot!"
We didn't have a ball today (and Mama's a little short to help Aaron shoot) so he grabbed a stick instead.

And then we found a dandelion...

 Aaron bent down and picked a dandelion and watched me blow the seeds...
Then he got another one and tried to blow the seeds, but he put it too close to his mouth. Ew!

When it was time to go, Aaron wasn't ready... He ran from one park attraction to the next trying to delay going home.

Lucky for me, there was a huge pile of leaves on the way home to distract him

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