Thursday, September 20, 2012

What Have We Been Up To?

Hello Hello!
Some of these videos/photos are a month old (I know, I'm a slacker!) but they are cute so I thought I'd show them to you anyway!

Aaron loves Basketball - everytime we walk to get the mail he runs for the court.
This first video, I was going to crop but I figured Grams and Papa would love to see the whole thing :)

 Aaron can now catch a ball fairly consistently! Yay Aaron!
He learned that when Eric scooped him up we wanted him to throw the ball so he started throwing it earlier and earlier, haha

 Aaron learned how to spin... We were in the other room and heard him giggling and came in to find this:

 Yes, he gets very dizzy...

Aaron thought he could put anything he wanted into my diaperbag - including his precious rocks ... so now he carries his own bag :)

Here is a fun series of photos for you:

Aaron loves shoes - he brings his to me at least once a day to put on and then brings me a pair of my own. He also tries to put on Eric's shoes (mine have heels most of the time so he isn't quite sure what to do with them)

For Eric's birthday we did games the night before and then went to Mark and Ane's (as it was also Ane's birthday) for dinner.
I made Ane some sugar scrub - I took a picture because I was really proud of the bow and my little wooden tag :)

Ane got a Rebounder for her birthday - Aaron loves it. Every time we go over now he goes to the bedroom to get on it.
Yes, he fell (I didn't edit any of these videos) and what did he do?
He climbed right back on - my little trooper!

Aaron has lots of dance moves: He shimmies, he bounces, he waves his arms, he spins, and he also does a booty shake!

We had a pool party for Labor Day weekend - Mark got a bunch of awesome photos and videos that I'll snag from him and post later, but these are the ones we have.
Aaron enjoyed the hammock in the backyard after the pool party

Our tire randomly had a hole in it - it looked like someone stabbed it with a pocket knife, so we went to buy new tires. Aaron likes the tires :)

Aaron loves to be "strong" - if you ask him to be strong he'll flex for you :) Here he is watching a video that says the word strong and he does the action.

We visited Daddy at work - but really, we visited a friend at work named Shelly. Shelly is Aaron's favorite... she sent him home with 2 balls and a pineapple cup. Here he is playing with all 3 in his little "boat"

Aaron enjoys his puzzles and stuffed animals!

Lucy had a "Fancy Nancy" birthday party last week - I made her a "fancy" dress up dress. :)

And as I was behind on Sara, I brought her dress along too!
After I finished Sara's dress I went out and bought an embroidery hoop so I don't do that much hand-stitching with out one again...

Aaron wanted to play with Thomas sooooooooooo bad. He followed him around for the entire party.
Aaron loves Thomas!
I tried to get one of the two of them smiling at me and all Aaron would do was kiss Thomas...

Kelsey got some super adorable photos that I'll have to snag from her and post later, but at least you got  to see a few!

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