Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Thank You Aaron


Thank You so very much! What? You don't remember what you did? Oh, well, let me tell you because this was awesome!

Yesterday you woke up around 9am and then simply sang in your crib some unknown tune with the words "na na na" for 30 minutes. I laid in bed and listened and then got up and went to see you at 9:30. You didn't take a spectacular nap due to the fact that the circuit breaker is in your room and the guy replacing our water heater that went out Friday night had to go in there twice... you slept for maybe an hour.

But then ... oh boy ... at 4:30pm you were acting super tired so I asked if you wanted a bottle. You raced for the kitchen and we made you a bottle. Sometimes if you don't get a great nap, you take 2 naps (or if you wake up before 8:30am). You ran straight for your crib after getting your bottle and I laid you down for a nap.

Daddy got home at 6:40pm and you still weren't awake, but we decided to let you sleep... Well, Mama and Daddy went to bed around 12am and you still weren't awake! You had decided to go to sleep for the night! Figuring you were going to get up early I prepped a bottle for you and prepared myself mentally to get up reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally early. Well, 5am rolled around and all you wanted was a bottle! That's it! So I gave you a bottle and after drinking it, you went back to sleep!

When Daddy left for work just a little before 9am you were still sleeping! What?!? How could this be? You did not wake up until 9:50am. HOLY COW! That is 17 hours and 20 minutes! You don't appear sick, you simply wanted to sleep!

What an amazing sleeper you have turned out to be! You've gotten to the point where you don't wake us during the night anymore and usually sleep from 7:30/8pm - 9/9:30am and we love it!

Thank You for allowing Mama and Daddy to have sanity and sleep! We love you!!!

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