Monday, September 24, 2012

Aaron The Monkey

On Saturday, Eric's brother, Jon, came over to hang out with us. I stepped out of the room for a moment and came back in to see Eric helping Aaron down from atop the drum set. I asked Eric to hold him there as I raced for the camera. Eric's reply was, "I don't need to ... he'll do it for you again." Confused, I brought out the camera and instantly when Eric set Aaron down, this is what he did:

When I had come back in the room, I was walking in on his 3rd time doing this climb!


So now Aaron has free access to the drum kit so he doesn't kill himself trying to get there...

All in one day we had him pick up my wedding shoe and deliberately open the kitchen trash and try to throw it in, he climbed on the drumset (video) AND he pulled out one of his kiddie chairs and climbed on his kiddie table and then tried to dive bomb onto the windowsill ... good grief! What do we do now?

p.s. the shirt he is wearing ... yeah, he went to his clothes containers and pulled it out and brought it to me that morning. Apparently he has an opinion as to what he wears...

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