Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Potty

Aaron just turned 14 months and for the past few weeks we've been working on sitting on the potty... I know, if he were older it would take one day, blah blah blah - trust me, I've heard it all from everyone.

It started out because he had terrible diarrhea that was destroying his poor bum - the toilet would make it so the poop doesn't stay on his bum. The first time he sat on there, he went solid waste. Since then, we've just been sitting - no more actually pooping... He's gotten to the point where he comes to me saying "po po" and he'll race to the bathroom to put his special seat on the toilet, but nothing happens. He also loves to sit on there while I do my hair every day. It isn't like I'm pushing it hard core... he just wants to sit on there after I sit on there or while I'm in the bathroom. Aaron is simply determined to sit on the toilet - he actually really enjoys it. I only had to suggest it for the first 4 days, now he just runs in to go!

Well, this morning was no different. I went in to get ready for church and he raced for the toilet and sat on there playing with toys... and then I heard it ... a tinkle! However, he was not peeing in the potty - he was peeing on the potty... his little wee wee had come out of the toilet. Most of it slid into the toilet, but not all of it - but a little clean up is worth it!

This afternoon, I was more prepped... He raced to get on and immediately, he started to tinkle! No wait time at all, and since I was right beside him, he went entirely in the potty! He told me that he needed to go and then he went!!!

To all the nay sayers - saying that he's too young to understand what the potty is ... Aaron is AWESOME! I know we have a long road and it will not be perfect, but I am so proud of my little man!

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  1. Honestly, there isn't an age when every child should be potty trained. For some kids they may not be ready til they're 4, but if Aaron is showing signs of being ready now (which it sounds like he is!) then good for you! The biggest thing I think, is not forcing kids to potty train when they aren't ready at all, and Aaron sounds like he's doing great! Good luck with the potty-ing!


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