Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Yeah, That Just Happened!

I was sitting in the over-sized chair in our room just now, reading a book.  Aaron periodically came over to me and tried to climb into my lap and grab my book. Not wanting him to mangle it, I would gently point out other toys to play with and return to reading my book.

This happened several, several times till he finally got fed up with me. Normally when that happens he screams at me (one big long AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH) but this time he waddled out of the room. Figuring he was off to find a different toy I settled back into my book. Not more than a few seconds later I heard him jabbering and looked up to find him waddling back into my room holding one of his books... he was determined to have me read him a story! So cute!!!  So I scooped him up and he snuggled in as I read him a story. After that, he was content to wander away again and play on his own...

I love that little guy!

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