Friday, June 29, 2012

Happy Anniversary

Our 2 year anniversary - I can hardly believe we have been married that long and yet it feels like we have been married so much longer!

To have a celebration all day I planned a few surprises for Eric. Every hour on the :02 he opened a present at work.  Here are a few of the presents:

A Love Glove

A Zen garden - I made this from a picture frame

Sorry younger audience... I saw these online and thought it was hysterical. I couldn't help myself...
Butts and Boobs cookies

Stress balls

Eric also got Guild Wars 2 and a book from "My Publisher" that has the pictures from our wedding and honeymoon. :)

I got some amazing gifts from Eric - He got me Toy Story 1 and Toy Story 2 along with a gorgeous glass rose - my favorite, white with pink tips!

For our date Eric thought about some of the times where we've had the most fun - those have been when we've gone on long car rides, cuddled to watch a movie, and gotten shakes. So... our date consisted of us driving to McDonalds for fries, Burger King for whoppers and picking up a redbox movie. We watched Sherlock Holmes 2. After, we went to pick up Aaron from Eric's parents and we were planning to get shakes from Burgerville on the way home but it had gotten late and we were tired, so we went out again Friday night to get our shakes.

I can hardly believe that 2 years has gone by. I absolutely love being married and cannot fathom my life with out Eric (and Aaron, of course). In all honesty, I try not to think about what my life would be like because I know it would be much less exciting and I would be much less happy.

Thank you Eric. Thank you for marrying me.

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