Saturday, September 10, 2016

The Yearly PP!

... oh come on. stop thinking about "pp" like that - you know I mean the annual Precoa Picnic!
 The historical cycle continues as we had to, once again, pry Audrey off of the horses. Seriously, someone get this girl a pony! 
 Or an alpaca - she's rather fond of those too...
... and then there's the goats. Now, not only did she take a liking to them, but one goat in particular took an exceptionally strong liking to her! That goat was intent on checking out her skirt - and following her ...
 ... and following her ...
 okay goat, that's enough!
Aaron was pretty jealous, so he got all up in that goat's face and finally had the goat lick his shirt. He was pretty ecstatic. 

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