Saturday, September 3, 2016

A Best Friend's Wedding

Tyler Brady and Allyson Burke.

Eric and Tyler work together and Tyler is one of Eric's best friends.
I love that they combined their bachelor/bachelorette parties in the beginning for paintball. I'd never gone before and I'd like to say I did a pretty great job! I was the sniper/scout. I parked it in an area where it'd be difficult for others to flank me, called out the locations of the other teams' shooters, and provide cover fire. I even took out several people in the many rounds we played. So awesome - let's go again, k?
Then came karaoke with the girls. 
We were honored to be among the few friends invited to the sealing ceremony. It was beautiful and I cried through the entire thing - I'm so happy for them! Mallory from Studio C is one of Ally's best friends. It was fun to meet her and hear all sorts of stories about Al!

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