Sunday, August 28, 2016

A Weekend with Cousins

Tyler and Kelsey went on vacation and they were kind enough to share their kids with us!
Lucy took great care of little lady when she felt lonely amidst the chaos.
We had a picnic outside for dinner one night - they kids were eager to go play, so Adelynn had her pick of the plate ... and trust me, she tasted every single one, despite them all being the same meal, haha!
My nieces in my clothes, hair styled by me ... cutest little divas!
I had so much fun chatting with Lucy about Harry Potter, coloring, and crafting! A girl after my own heart!
Adelynn decided earlier this month that she wanted to participate in prayers too. As you can see in this picture, she folds her arms, sits quietly (mostly), and is very proud of herself at the end of the prayer.

Of course, we have to end with Rocket League! There is no better way!

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