Saturday, August 6, 2016

Hornibrook Swim Party, 2016 Edition

Each year, the Hornibrook clan borrow a friend's pool and have an absolute blast together!
I absolutely love watching when Eric and his brothers get together.
They were trying to see who would blow the water into the other's mouth ... but the water had all come out prior to the contest, haha!
Don't worry, he didn't jump.
Adelynn and I were buds the whole time. She eventually got in the water toward the end, and despite her purple lips, she fought us when we made her get out.
Under the patio, there are ceiling heaters - so Adelynn and I settled in for the long haul. After everyone finished their pizza and headed to go make their ice cream delights, Adelynn found a cup that had been left out. She's obsessed with drinking from adult cups, but it was empty and she wanted her milk ... so she improvised.
The Hornibrook family swim party is always a blast!

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