Monday, March 30, 2015

... so that happened ...

Some of you have noticed that I've been pretty MIA for the past week...
I promise I have a good reason.
After the aviation museum on Saturday, I took a turn downhill.
Sunday was awful - I could feel my cold had turned into a sinus infection, and it had made its way into my ears - a sign that has never been good in the past.
The pain was so bad Sunday night that I literally didn't sleep ...
In the morning, I called my friend Kristyn who raced right over to get the kids.
I was dizzy and light headed and felt awful, so Eric worked from home.
He drove me to the doctor's office where, during my exam, my ear drum ruptured.
Luckily it didn't burst like when I was in high school, but a rupture is still pretty bad.
I got an IV for fluids *oops* and Eric picked up the prescriptions.
As you can see - red cheeks and mega popped bloodvessels in my face (from coughing and throwing up) that will only get worse.
We picked up the kids on the way home and I tried my best to get some sleep... That evening, my sister-in-law, Amanda, came to get the kids. She kept them over night which was a blessing because my body had decided it didn't react well to severe prolonged coughing (mixed with either drinking tons of fluids) and I violently lost my dinner in the shower - not for the last time, sadly.
Amanda kept the kids Tuesday and Eric once again worked from home - what a blessing! I was finally able to get some legit sleep on Tuesday which was desperately needed but I was still quite dizzy. Thank you to Kristyn for bringing us dinner! Wednesday, Eric went back to work but Amanda held onto the kids - again a blessing because I was still throwing up and dizzy. Definitely not capable of handling my kids! Thursday, my friend, Memory, took the kids in the morning and brought them back for nap/quiet time. Eric got home early so I only had to manage to take care of them for about 2 hours, really which was so nice. I'd developed a severe pain in my left side that would spread any time I coughed, sneezed, moved, picked anything up, etc. We are currently assuming it's tired muscles from how long I'd been sick (at that point, it had been a week and a half of the cough stuff + throwing up)
I had the kids all day Friday and I think they could tell that I was in need of extra help. They pitched in and took care of me. They'd bring me otterpops and rest in bed with me! What great kids. I took it pretty easy over the weekend (the kids mostly played outside in the sunshine!) and today the kids and I are just chilling. My visiting teacher, Pricilla is bringing over dinner tonight so I can continue to try to rest. I'm definitely not "better" but I'm better than I was last week! The cough, lack of hearing, headache, exhaustion, and belly pain are lingering but I'm hopeful that they'll clear up soon. 
How lucky I am to have a wonderful, caring husband to take care of me, pleasant kids, and fabulous help from my friends and family!
I seriously think it is rude when my body decide that on top of being pregnant, they have to get sick, but ya know... life is what it is I guess. I'm 32 weeks tomorrow so we're almost done!
I'm so ready to meet this little girl!!!

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