Thursday, March 19, 2015

Loving This Week

 This has been a great week.
I've been sick, which hasn't been so great, but it's been filled with kids getting along, breakfast in bed twice and flowers (Eric was gone Friday night and he wanted me to know he was thinking of me)! Seriously, Eric is the best!

Aaron has said some pretty funny things. When we were in the car Aaron wanted some water. I didn't have any and told him he could have some when we got home. He asked if he could have all the water he wanted. Of course, I replied. Later, on our way home, he asked if we were headed to a piranha's house. What? Uh, no... "Aw nuts!" he said. "Remember, when we get home, you can have all the water you want!" "Oh yeah!" then he said very quietly, "and all the chocolate too!" -_-

We were racing the other day and Aaron informed me that because he won, I was the loser. I told him that it wasn't very nice to call me a loser and just because I didn't win doesn't make me one... his response was, "It's ok mama, everyone's a loser!"

Yesterday, Aaron came to me wanting a snack. He suggested a granola bar and I countered with the option of an orange. He then said, "Let me think *taps chin* Mama! I've got a plan! How about you go downstairs and get an orange and bring it up here to me!" ... nice try kid.

Last night, Eric was teasing Audrey with a toy she wanted - keeping it out of her reach and tickling her. They were both giggling, but Aaron felt the need to swoop in and save her. He snatched the toy, handed it to Audrey, and exclaimed, "once again, I am the winner!"

We got a new scale and Aaron's a little bit obsessed with it. He climbs on it every morning to see how big he's gotten. He climbed on this morning and I pointed out that he's 34 lbs, same as always. His response was, "Mama, how about you climb on with me! Then it'll get bigger!"

Given that I've been sick, I've been lounging a lot during nap and quiet time (it's a headache, ear ache, sore throat, nose issues kind of thing. blech!). I was watching  Friends the other day and there was mention of a tuna and pickle sandwich ... well, that was all I needed! I got out of bed and went down to make a tuna, mayo, pickle, celery, tomato and red pepper flakes concoction to eat on saltines. I'm apparently very susceptible...

I haven't had much energy while feeling sick, so I just sat back and watched my kids play ...
why not take a few (or a ton!) of pictures while I'm at it?!?
Aaron and Daddy built an epic train track that Aaron shared with Audrey!
GP and Grammy sent us Jelly Beans!
Audrey has become a crazy climber and can get to anything she wants these days ...
No table or puzzle will stand in her way - sorry Aaron ...
We went to Gramma and Grampa's house to play with cousins!
The kids were filthy afterwards - good thing they love bath time!
I love how well these kids get along!
Eric's parents gave us a thunder maker from India! Listen to this epic storm!
Audrey surprised me the other day by counting to 3 while sitting on the floor in front of me. I pulled out the camera and prompted her with the number one while holding up my fingers. I love how she taps her face as she's thinking, just like Aaron does!
The kids have been loving the playroom recently
(we rearranged it and added a large arm chair for me to sit in while they play).
Today, Audrey successfully climbed the bunkbed all by herself ... kill me now ...
After watching her up on the top bunk for a little while, I felt a heart attack coming on - she wouldn't just sit! She had to get up and move around, I kept thinking she was going to fall! So, finally, I convinced the kids that it was time for lunch - it was a bit early, but it worked!
On the way down, I proposed sandwiches for lunch and Aaron declared he also needed carrots and oranges and apples! I'm so glad my kids make it easy to eat healthy - that's one less heart attack I need to worry about!
Time to go lie down and take a nap! Audrey is sleeping and Aaron is playing in quiet time :)

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