Saturday, July 19, 2014

Audrey Turns 1 !!!!!

Audrey officially turned a year old yesterday! She has changed so much!!!
She started out at 21.5" long, 7lbs, 6oz. Now she is 30" long and 17lbs. 

She can get anywhere she wants... She's a super climber just like her brother - who loves her so much!

 For lunch we had mac & cheese and dinner was spagetti. And we of course had otter pops (pop pops as Audrey calls them) all day long! They are her favorite!

We had so much fun with her gifts! I made her a dress, Eric's co-worker, Jana gave her the doll house, and then we got her more doll equipment (to go with the doll and crib from Gramma), princess figurines, and lots of clothes! I wrapped them in tissue paper so she could open them easier! Aaron even colored a picture for her!


According to Aaron, it isn't a party if we aren't outside so we went outside after dinner for the cake!

Today we took the kiddos to the zoo!
Aaron's favorite attraction was the construction machines and Audrey's was an older gentleman who looked like Grampa... they also both enjoyed the fish ;) Next time I'll just take them to the dentist. Just Kidding - they had tons of fun with the other animals too.

We had fun with the stroller!

Audrey loves to dance and sing. She'll move and "la la la" to any song that comes on.
She races to help her brother if he is ever sad (she'll pound on any door in her way and scream, "ahn! Ahn!") and is cheered fastest by him when she in turn is sad.
In the mornings, Audrey and I play in the play room while we wait for Eric and Aaron to wake up. She loves to come lay with me and then say, "awwwwwwwwwwww."
She loves her baby doll and will carry it around patting it's back and giving it kisses.
If any door closes, she is sad because it limits her freedom.
She plays great all on her own. She'll come show me something every once in a while and then head off to another room to play. We close the bathrooms and gates upstairs so she can go in her room and the playroom and then back to my room to find me. As long as she can get to me, she is happy!
She loves to call out, "Hey You!"
She is such a tease. She loves to take my phone and then race away giggling!

We love you Audrey! Thank you for joining our family!

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