Monday, July 7, 2014

Aaron Turns 3

I can't believe my crazy little man turned 3 today! Who said that was allowed to happen? 
He's gotten so big!!! He is 26.5lbs and almost 38" tall! 
I'll start out this post with today's activities and end with some unblogged stories and photos :)
Aaron has already received most of his gifts this year (Incredible's shirt & party, How to Train Your Dragon 2 & costume, Toy Story Figurines (Thomas, Lucy, Annie) and his b-ball hoop from Gramma) so he spent the day playing with them and making his sister super happy by sharing!

We had pizza panini's for lunch and baked potatoes for dinner. Yum!
 We got him Batman, Superman & Spiderman figurines along with a sandbox. He calls it his pirate ship. 

We had leftover cake from his 4th of July party and then took his hoop to the front yard so he could play with his friends outside. He had such a blast!

Now here are some of the fun things he has said and done recently. Enjoy!

  • Gramma and Grampa are re-doing their backyard ... hardcore. And we are hard pressed to keep Aaron off of the machinery. Haha! The workers have learned to never leave the keys in the machines when Aaron comes over.

  • We were at the church one day and Aaron informed he was looking for the ghost at the church. Not sure what he meant, I told him that there are no ghosts at the church. He insisted that there was indeed a ghost at the church and remained on the hunt. After a while I figured it out. "Aaron," I asked, "Do you mean the Holy Ghost?" "YES!!!" he exclaimed, happy to be finally understood. I was then able to explain that the Holy Ghost is actually inside of him. It didn't stop him from searching though.
  • We went to a baptism for a daughter of some friends of ours and ever since, Aaron tells everyone he meets that he wants to be baptized. He wants to go in the water at the church with Daddy but he can't till he's 8. What a great missionary!
  • Aaron randomly came up to me and said very sadly, "mama, my fire breath is not working..."
  • I walked on on Aaron playing with his toys. One toy said, I have my sword!" the other replied, "and I have my pizza!" together they said, "Then let's fly!"
  • Recently, Aaron has been struggling with nightmares. After helping him through several nightmares, I'll still often find him in the morning curled up asleep on the floor beside our bed. We have offered prayers for Aaron to have good dreams but finally I felt prompted to have Aaron ask. I gave him the suggestion and then prepared to guide him through the prayer. He began the prayer and didn't see the need to wait for my help. "Dear Heavenly Father, we're grateful for Heavenly Father to help me to be happy and help it not be scary. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen." Guess who had no nightmares that night, or any night since when he offers his own prayer for his dreams.
    • Knowing we will be heading to Utah later this month, Aaron and I have had many discussions about the trip. He once asked me, "Mama, when do I get to see Grams and Papa?" "Good question, come over here, I need your help." "What are we doing mama?"  "We are making a chain for how many days till we go to Utah to see Grams and Papa." "Oh, how many till we get in the hair plane and fly and after when the plane comes back down then we see Grams and Papa?" "Yes Aaron." "Oh, Hey mama?" "Yes Aaron?" "Do they have flying cars?" "Flying cars? No, they have a van like us." "Like us? Oh ... oh well..."
    • Upon seeing my necklace at church (my YW medallion), Aaron noticed I have a temple on it. He pointed it out and said, "It's a temple for Jesus Christ!" I said, "Yes it is, and there is Moroni on the top." "Oh, Moroni! He kills people..." "Not right now, he's holding a trumpet. He's protecting people..." "Yeah, he's protecting Jesus!" Well, at least we know he's getting something out of the scripture stories... He also thinks that all the pictures on the wall at church are of "people that need to go back to Jerusalem for the plates." Nice job kid.
    • Having watched a lot of Care Bears recently, Aaron has picked up the word, "totally." So now things are "totally awesome," or "totally mine..." It's yours, huh? "yeah, it totally is!"
    • Aaron, sitting in a cardboard box: mama, will you help me swim to the moon? Me: Well ... most people fly to the moon. Aaron: Oh... Can you help me fly then?
    • One morning while eating breakfast, Aaron saw me eating biscuits and jelly as opposed to his yogurt. A: Is that chocolate? M: It's jelly. A: Is it chocolate jelly? M: Sure kid... A: Can I please have some? I passed one to him and he, very excited, took a bite... then he made a face. A: I don't like this. Maybe... Maybe I'll just look at it.  He pushed it away, settled his head in his hands, and stared at his biscuit. hahaha
    Aaron and Audrey are great at making music together!

    I love this kid! What joy he always brings to us! Happy birthday little man!

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