Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Book of Mormon

For those of you with LDS/Mormon friends, you might feel a little overwhelmed today. Today is “flood facebook with the Book of Mormon” day. In theory, those who were made aware of the “party” will be posting their testimony of the Book of Mormon and how it changed their lives. I encourage you to not hide them from your newsfeed.  Each one was written with thought and from the heart. Take the time to read them, see what your friends believe, and perhaps ask some thoughtful, kind, open-hearted questions. I for one would LOVE to answer any questions you have!

That being said, here is my testimony of the Book of Mormon:

For anyone who doesn’t know, the Book of Mormon is the keystone of our Religion. It was translated through the power of God by Joseph Smith and tells the story of the American Continent. It is the other half of the “Stick of Joseph – Stick of Judah” for those familiar with the Bible. It shows how Jesus Christ came to the Americas. Rises and falls of civilizations due to wickedness – just like in the Bible. It has more teachings from Christ.

My favorite Book of Mormon story is that of Alma and Abinadi. Abinidi was a prophet called to preach in the city ruled by King Noah and his wicked priests, one of whom was Alma. Abinidi knew going was certain death but knowing that if he changed just one heart, it would be worth it and God wouldn’t send him somewhere that he couldn’t plant a seed. Just before he died, he touched Alma who went on follow his teachings, find God, and begin saving lives by helping others find God. Alma grew and had children, one of whom took his namesake. Alma the Younger was wild and didn’t want to live a righteous life, over which Alma lamented. He prayed and the Lord answered his prayer helping Alma the Younger realize his wicked ways. Nothing changes a heart like the Lord – not a spouse, not an article on the internet, not your neighbor’s ramblings…

That’s what today is about. I encourage you read it for yourself! I can get you a copy or you can request a copy! And then pray about it with a truly open heart. Plead with God to help you know for yourself and I GUARANTEE that he WILL answer you. You will feel it in a way unique to you. It could be a thought in your head, a peace in your heart, you could feel chills and you could even begin crying as you grasp what you’ve been missing.

The Book of Mormon has been a strength to me. My favorite chapter is 3 Nephi 11. It is the story of after Jesus descended to his Father and comes back down.  In this chapter His Father introduces Him. Later in the book of Nephi, He comes to the people of Nephi and blesses the children. When He tried to leave and go back to his Father, the people were devastated and knowing the desires of their hearts he stayed with them, prayed with them, comforted them, and when they were ready he left. God knows the desires of each of our hearts.

If you have the desire to know what your purpose in life is, what happens after death, how families can be together forever, how to enrich your life and find true joy, ask me and I’ll help you get in touch with the missionaries - they'll even weed your garden or do your dishes while they visit you! (http://www.justserve.org).

 Pray about it sincerely and honestly.

For those who made it all the way to the bottom, thank you. Your kindness and thoughtfulness and willingness to read this impress me. I pray it has touched you to take action and learn for yourself.

Thank you for your friendship.

I know that this book is true! It changes lives and it changes hearts. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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