Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Onion Salt...

Today we encountered the first food Audrey definitely does NOT like...
mashed black and pinto beans. The first bite came all back out. After that, she ate them but looked at me like this:
Clearly not her favorite. So I got out the onion and garlic spices to mix into the beans. She ate them better after that but still glared at me with each bite. I think we are going to retire the beans...
While I was feeding her, Aaron reached over and grabbed the onion salt.
He decided to try and spice up his baked potato (which is usually one of his favorites)
I promise he didn't eat it. Though he tried to play in it like snow, haha!

Audrey was very pleased when we were done eating the beans, 
but confused when she couldn't get them off her hands and face. Quite entertaining!

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