Wednesday, February 12, 2014

♥ Being a Mom!

I love being a mom to these kids!

Audrey smiles and giggles every time she sees me! She is a calm, happy baby who only uses a binkie in the crib and on occasion in the car/church where soothing options are limited.
She loves to climb and scoot and go for what she wants.
Audrey loves to try and share her binkie with me - attempting to place it in my mouth.
Her favorite person to observe and chase is Aaron :)
The relationship between the two of them is so beautiful!

Aaron races up to me daily to give me hugs and kisses and proclaim his love for me. Recently, he has added that I am spectacular, beautiful, and his best friend!
Aaron will eat any treat I give him. I usually give him treats because I feel guilty eating them and his genuine love for all things sugar makes me feel better about it :)
Aaron loves to be like his daddy - fixing everything he can with his screwdriver.
He remembers me in his prayers, draws me beautiful pictures, and wants to be my helper all the time.
Tantrums are practically nonexistent as we are great at finding other options and distractions.
His cute little, "thank you madam," and "thanks milady," and "this is DELICIOUS!" melt my heart.

I could not ask for better kids and I'm so lucky to be their mama!

And I'm so grateful to have a husband who teaches them these things - who shows affection for me in front of them and tells me what an incredible job I am doing raising them and how beautiful I am. I never feel unappreciated. I know that all of my efforts are noticed and loved by my eternal companion and my children.

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