Sunday, January 6, 2013


Today was Aaron's first time in nursery!!!  We weren't sure if he'd be able to go, but he woke up with his runny nose miraculously gone. We even got there 15 minutes early, GO US! (switching to 11am church rather than 9am definitely helps us get there on time)

We didn't do any prep work to get him used to nursery, he just was exposed for the first time. But he walked in like a boss, said hi to the other kids, then sat down to play. We didn't have to stay with him at all.

He made it through the entire "second hour" of church before he was brought to us ... Sniffling ...

We weren't planning to stay beyond that point anyway (I was suuuuuuper sick and after we left church I didn't leave the couch/bed for the rest of the day) so it didn't matter. Plus, it was kinda cute that he missed us :)

Here he is just before leaving for church

We are so proud! He's such a big boy!

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