Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Making the Cut!

Aaron's hair was long, longer, and longest! No where on his head was the hair the same length as another place... It all grew in so sporadically. It is curly so you can't normally tell, but in the back, it went to his shoulders! So I decided it was time to make the cut.

He started out on Daddy's lap. Mama had the buzzer.

However, our buzzer is old... and noisy. So very quickly, Mama had to hold Aaron...
And very quickly after that, we had to stop. Aaron was simply too frightened.

So we switched. We grabbed Eric's beard trimmer. We used the longest setting it has.
Aaron's hair is shorter than I planned, and boy to I miss those curls, but he looks more his age now!
 Here are his locks! I have them saved in a special bag.

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