Sunday, December 2, 2012

Thanksgiving Vacation Part 3

After visiting Utah, we went to California to spend a week with Eric's family!
We started later than planned because I was finishing up our t-shirts for Disneyland and managed to ruin Aaron's... so I had to rush and remake his.

Aaron took a pretty good nap to begin with - thank heavens.

We stopped at a subway/gas station for lunch. Aaron enjoyed sharing our sandwiches.

We arrived at the house on the beach around 10:30 in the evening. It was late, but Aaron was totally fine entertaining himself in the back :)

When we got there, we played rock band. Yes, that evening.

In the morning, the equipment was still set up, so Aaron decided he wanted to play too!

Even the screen says he is AWESOME!

Monday was a relaxing day. We basically just sat around. Eric and I each took Aaron outside at different times.

Monday night, we presented all the grandkids some gifts. I had taken towels and turned them into ponchos for the children to wear at the beach.  Here is all (but Sam who had already gone to bed) of them wearing their towels.

On Tuesday, we were spoiled. Each day, different families went to Disneyland. 
We were given a special treat. On Tuesday, we were the only family to go - and we got to go with Mark & Ane! We got to spend the entire day with them and we didn't have to share! We are soooo lucky!

Here we are at the entrance to the castle wearing our shirts!

 Kissing my prince in front of the castle.

Aaron enjoyed the roller coasters, but he also enjoyed simply being held. 
This is the first roller coaster we went on. It was an Alice in Wonderland ride.

Aaron was looking everywhere at everything!

At first, Aaron hated the Pirates of the Carribean ride - it was dark. But soon, he fell asleep!

On the Buzz Lightyear ride, you get to shoot lasers. 
I let Aaron shoot my gun for the first half of the ride. Then Eric made fun of my score, so I took the gun ... yeah, guess who had more points in the end... ME!

Eric and I got to go on several fun rides ourselves! This is the first ride we did.

Here are a few photos of the rides we went on together:

I asked Eric if I would get wet on Splash Mountain and he said, "hardly" - guess who came away soaked!?!?!

 Waiting for Space Mountain

We got to see some fun characters!
We learned that Aaron likes Tigger

But is rather frightened of Pooh!

We did trade offs with Aaron.
Mark and Ane had him while Eric and I did big rides and then we would trade.

Close to dinner time, this was us - but don't worry, we perked back up!

Aaron's favorite ride was It's a Small World. He went on it 3 times!
He would giggle and dance and sing. It was absolutely adorable!

In the evening we got to see an incredible light show on the water at California Adventures. And we caught part of the fireworks at Disneyland as we were running to the water show.

By the end, we were exhausted and ready to head home, it was incredible! We ended up only going one day. With how amazing it was, we knew any other day would be a let down. Plus, I pulled a few muscles in my feet (around lunch time) somehow and had a hard time walking...

Wednesday was a relax day, which was so nice!

Eric and Aaron playing in the hot tub

On Thursday, we went to visit Eric's grandparents and aunt.
His grandparents have a pool and "hot" tub that Aaron absolutely loved!
At first I was just going to sit on the side

But Aaron splashed so much I figured I might as well get in.

Aaron loved to climb out of the tub, run, and jump at me, ready for me to catch him as he went in the water... it was adorable.

After seeing Eric's family, we went to see a movie (Lincoln) with Eric's parents which was awesome.
Friday was another at the house day. Water levels were crazy ridiculous so the boys (Eric and his brothers) went and played in the waves (YIKES!!!)
Aaron and I stayed back

We also had to pack. This is how Aaron contributed

We drove out Saturday to spend the night with my grandparents who happen to live almost exactly halfway to home!

After so much car time, Aaron was less enthusiastic about this trip - the reindeer was a life saver!

We spent the night with my grandparents and I regret to say we did not take any photos with them... we were so tired when we got there and we left so early... 
We learned that night that Aaron can easily climb out of a playpen and when determined, open normal doorknobs. Ach! So, he slept in our bed...

The next day, my grandmother kept telling us to beware and drive safe because it was raining.
I thought to myself, we live in Oregon, seriously... how bad can it be?

Well, I definitely ate my thoughts

Is that ridiculous or what?!? Holy cow!

Aaron was not pleased to be in the car again (to tell you the truth, neither were we...) but the thought of home kept us driving. We got to Mark and Ane's around 7 and they fed us dinner (they flew in the night before). It was so nice to have real food again.

Aaron was definitely tired when we left
It is so nice to be home again!

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