Thursday, December 13, 2012

Silly Aaron

I catch Aaron doing the strangest things sometimes...
Here is one example.

Aaron came to me not knowing he had a Styrofoam ball stuck in his hair, haha!

Here he is waiting for me to come upstairs!
Here's Aaron with his celery. He LOVES celery ... who'd have thought?
Don't you love that wild curly hair?!? I know I do!

I am so lucky with Aaron ... strange as he is.
Other mom's have that frightening moment where their kid has been quiet for too long and suddenly there is a mess. I have moments where he has been quiet for long stretches of time and I find him rocking himself in the rocking chair or reading a story (yesterday I was making pizza for dinner and he sat and read The Very Hungry Caterpillar for a good 7 minutes). He is a very focused and determined child. He loves to pull up a chair beside me while I cook or clean and just chat my ear off. In fact, we have a chair in the bathroom just for that - so he can talk to me while I do my hair.
So yes, my child is strange, but it's the good kind of strange (notwithstanding the toe chewing photo above... that is simply strange)

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