Saturday, December 8, 2012

Christmas Tree

In Oregon, getting a tree is a much different experience than in Utah. In Utah, you go on state Street where trees have been cut down and "imported" for you. You walk down the limited selection of trees all lined up perfectly, the floor kept relatively clear of stumbles, and select your tree. You then pay way more than it is worth and they attach it to the top of your car.

In Oregon, oh boy was it fun! We went to a tree farm and wandered the vast number of trees of all different sizes! We had cider and candy canes (actually, only Aaron had candy canes, but boy does he love them!) and chopped the tree down ourselves (and by we, I mean Eric...)

Here's Aaron, All excited to go pick out a tree!

Aaron was very intrigued at the chopping of the tree...

After getting our tree, we helped Mark and Ane get their's and then get it set up in their home.
I took all of their cut off branches to use to make a wreath for our front door. It was an interesting ride home for poor Aaron in the back, lol.

Yes, his face is covered in chocolate. It was my bribe to get him in the car (he hates to leave Gramma's house)

Here is the wreath
I was going to add berries or ornaments or, well, anything but I never got around to it...

Then we went home and decorated our tree! 
I made our tree skirt and I'm rather proud of it :)

Aaron tried to pull the ornaments off for a few hours. He had 2 or 3 that he particularly liked to play with. But he has yet to mess with them since! **update - he still hasn't pulled any off and it's been several days. He likes his penguin stuffed animal ornament that Gramma Ane gave him and I feel he is allowed to pull that one off. I was worried that I would have to move the ornaments all to 3 feet and up but he has been so good! He hasn't pulled the stockings down either! I love that he listens to me!**

Eric and I both love to sit and gaze on the Christmas decorations. They make our home seem so peaceful. 

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