Thursday, June 30, 2016

The June Leftovers

Each month there is a leftover batch of pictures, videos, quotes ... and June is no exception.

He crawled into bed and fell asleep like this - and I love it!
My amazing man telling the kids stories while I finish my Dating Divas meeting! I guess it was a story about how he stole a blanket from me?! At any rate, the kids were giggling up a STORM!
 Still trying to figure out how Adelynn got ahold of the papertowels...
These kids play so well together. Adelynn's personality is shining through so strong - Aaron and Audrey love it. They play with her because they want to, not because I've asked...

 For Father's Day, the kids and I put together some fun gift baskets.

 This is why we can't have nice things...
We definitely love a good dance party over here!

It's after midnight and little boy is still up ... because he learned Audrey's birthday is next month (an entire month away) - so he was meticulously selecting toys from his closet to share with her. Then he needed a bag, and paper (couldn't forget that, apparently), and he wanted me to tell him how to spell her name for the card.

When he cares, he goes all out!

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