Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Amazing Kids Make Amazing Adults

I just finished going through our Halloween costumes and moved on to the winter gear - when I found the little hats and mittens, I lost it. Like, big sobs... My kids are growing up, and it's breaking my heart.

Aaron stumbled across me, though, and sat in my lap hugging me for a little while. He asked what was wrong and I told him I am sad that he's growing up. He said he is sorry that he is growing up, but that he just has to do it. He said it's scary going off alone and finding your own friends, but he has to do it when he's a grown up, like his daddy. He said that he promises he'll come visit and we can have fun.

And then he asked if he could take his toys with. I told him yes and then he said that when he's a grown up, he's not going to sleep - he's going to play with his toys instead. Yes, when you're a grown up, you can make decisions like that.

That kid always makes me laugh - little goof. I'm still sad, but I'm excited for the memories we're going to make along the way. My Triple A are amazing kids, and they'll make amazing adults, too.

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