Wednesday, November 25, 2015

There's Been A Murder!

Eric and I were invited to participate in a Murder Mystery Party for his friend, Keros who turned 30! 
Keros wrote the whole party yesterday, right before it started! The party was set in 1895.
Eric played an electrical engineer and I played an actress. We met up at a restaurant and had a blast! 

 My amazing in-laws, Tyler and Kelsey watched our kids and offered to keep them over night! Deal!
After the party, Eric had the idea to go see a movie - we had no kids, why not?!? So we caught a late showing of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2. It was ... frightening. I thought I knew what I was walking in to having read the books, but this was, intense (and poorly rated if you ask me). At one point, I got so startled/frightened I almost threw up which caused some serious heartburn. Eric turned me away from the screen and held me until the terrors passed.  He was such a good sport, and such a goof as, at 1am, we paraded around town at his bequest, going from closed store to closed store looking for ice cream to help with the heart burn. Even the fast-food drive thru's had closed their ice cream machines for the night! Finally, we stopped at a gas station. Still in our glamorous gear, we went in and selected our ice creams. Upon returning home, we stayed up even later to eat our ice cream and watch a fun show.
This morning, or shall I say, this afternoon - we awoke at 12:30. Man, it has been so long since we stayed out late simply because "we can" and then slept in having no children to be our alarm clock!
Heaven I tell you, heaven!
What a blast!
Kelsey brought the kids back this afternoon and even watched them a bit longer so I could run to the store to get supplies for tomorrow night's dessert!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the fabulous evening, Eric - and to Tyler and Kelsey who allowed it to happen!

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