Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Enjoying the Fall Weather

It's getting cold! I love turning on the fireplace, busting out the hot chocolate, the snuggles, and the blankets! We're finding all sorts of things to entertain us indoors!

Eric isn't a fan of selfies - at all. But Subway was buy one get one and our favorite Jamba was on sale, so last week, date night was on Tuesday! I put the kids down early so we could eat alone. We pulled out Dead of Winter to play after eating and Eric said, "don't you need to take a picture of this for your Diva stuff?" Haha, I love how supportive he is! So we took a few pictures for my Reclaim Your Marriage Program Members :)
 This is how we do church sometimes :)
I could listen to this girl babble ALL DAY!
Turn up the volume - you'll hear "dada" a ton and "mama" once or twice too!
 Adelynn wearing one of my old headbands that my mother found! Audrey is the best stylist around!
 Aaron called out "welcome to the rock n' roll show!" I looked up to see this! Love it!
Audrey uses the cymbol stand as a microphone, lol.

Tyler and Kelsey went out of town and Eric's mom was swamped ... so we got to take Annie for a day and a night. The kids had a blast!
p.s. If you think children are playing quietly, run quickly to see what they are up to...
they just might be smashing bananas in the carpet *wince*
 We also took a trip to the other side of Portland to see Lily, Rosie & Ann Marie! We've missed them! 
 If you give an Audrey a pudding ...  
 Adelynn is loving bathtime now that she sits up... and loves using her feet to get things to chew on. That poor girl is teething so hard! Audrey loves taking care of her though!
 I was pacing and talking to Eric on the phone ... I had no idea she'd fallen asleep till I heard the snoring! Also, when teething, chew on an elephant. Not advice I ever saw myself giving; but that's the story of motherhood, let's be honest!
Despite teething, she's still such a champ! Always happy and smiling!
 Puzzles and Lego's ... the absolute best on a cold day!
 Sometimes I wonder if my baby girl sells droids as a side job...
 This is the toddler equivalent to hiding liquor in a brown paper bag... And Nonna sent hearts for the kids to color. They loved it!
This is how we FHE inside :) It's ok to be jealous of their mad skills ... I totally am!

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