Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Happy 28, Eric!

Sheesh ... We're getting old!

We had a great time celebrating! On Monday, we went over for a private dinner/birthday celebration with his parents (since his Mom shares that birthday too!). The wifi for work went down right as we got there to pick Eric up so the kids and I went for a walk while Daddy worked his magic! Then we had pasta-primavera for dinner ... mmmmmmmm
 Eric opened his gifts after dinner. His mom bought him a selfie stick, haha!
Then, for his main gift... it was an idea that came to me on our anniversary date while we were at the restaurant. Eric stepped away from the table for a bit and I whipped out my phone to do research.
Finding what I was looking for, I talked to his mom when we went to pick up the kids - this was a plan I'd need help to stealthily accomplish. I wanted to buy him tickets. But not just any tickets - I wanted to purchase tickets to see The Dave Matthews Band LIVE at the Gorge Amphitheater in Washington. This band is one of Eric's favorites and the last time he had seen them live was right before his mission at the Gorge. It was his vacation of choice before leaving on his mission and the whole family went. I wanted to take the two of us there.
 On July 4th, I purchased the tickets on Ane's computer using her card. Eric is so meticulous about maintaining our finances that there was no way I could hide it without making the transaction invisible. I paid her back in cash (though she covered one of the tickets as his main gift from her) and called my friend Emily who lives near-ish the Gorge to find out what city to book a hotel in. I had to call 4 hotels before I found one with a room (I waited to call until 3 weeks before the event - rookie mistake!), but I found one! What a surprise for Eric - he had no idea! 
 It was so much fun to surprise him! I love him so much! The concert is this Friday! Hooray!
 On Tuesday, we went to the temple for a date. We had planned to do an endowment session but we
got there late. When we arrived on the grounds, I had one of my "all too frequent" meltdowns. Eric sat, listened, and said all of the things I needed to hear from him - he always knows what I need to hear. even though we were late, he suggested we go in, sit in the atrium, and we would be directed as to what to do. As we talked, we decided to do initiatory service. Again, exactly what I needed. He is so in tune, not just with me, but with the Lord.
Every day, I am lucky to wake up and see him beside me. Every day, I'm sad as he leaves for work and every day, I count the hours until he comes home. He puts up with my goofy nature (it might look like I'm kissing him in this picture, but I actually planted my tongue on his cheek - and he's not even phased by things like that anymore), my meltdowns, and all of my imperfections - he never makes me feel like less than a princess. I honestly don't think the English language has the words I need to adequately express how grateful I am that he was born - that he chose me - and that he cares for our Family. I love you, today, and forever.

 Today, on Eric's actual birthday, Aaron was granted access to my craftroom to make a gift for Daddy. 
 There is no such thing as too many tools for a project such as this!
 He made a fun picture of our family (all holding hands) using stickers, glue, scissors & markers.
 Eric came home from work a teensy bit early and crashed while snuggling his baby girl. 
He works so hard! It's good that he got this extra rest cause we're gonna party hard in Washington this weekend!

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