Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Tender Hearts

Audrey has started waking up earlier and earlier ... she has been going to bed around 5:30 pm and waking at 7 am. Today it was around 6:30 am. That's a full 2 hours before Eric leaves for work ... Yikes! It's definitely been a bit crazy. I've been trying to move her nap back so she'll go to bed later, but even with a late nap she goes down before Eric gets home. With how early of a start she got this morning, she was well past ready for a nap around 10 am. I finally caved; I put her down, and being tired, went to lay down and watch a show for a bit. 
Aaron came to me almost immediately after and I let him know Audrey was sleeping (I didn't lock the door to their room like I normally do) but he could play downstairs or in the playroom. He ran off happy as can be. Around 40 minutes later he came to inform me that Audrey was awake and that we really needed to get her so she could be up. My mind almost exploded (soooooooooo tired!) ... I asked him, knowing what the answer was going to be, if he had been in her room. He replied, a little matter-of-factly, that he had been. Apparently he'd been in there most of the time he was gone. "Aaron," I said, "This makes me upset. I think you need to leave my room." I've found when I'm very upset it's best to send him away for a bit being very clear that I'm unhappy and need a little space before I confront the problem. 
This always makes him sad, knowing I'm upset, but this time was different. He responded as though I crushed his soul. I reached out to him as he turned away sobbing and brought him back. I then asked the question I should have asked before I got upset,  "Aaron, why did you go in Audrey's room?" Through his little tears he replied, "Because she was crying mama! I wanted to help her!" 
He loves his sister so much that it blows my mind. Usually, when I lock the door and she fusses, he lets me know and I help him understand that she is crying because she needs sleep. But this time, he was able to go in and see her little face and his heart couldn't take it. After helping her be happy he knew he had to go a step further and have me help her out of the crib. When I didn't respond in a way that he thought would help her, his heart broke. It was much harder to convince him this time (since he had seen her) that she needed to sleep and sometimes that makes her cry a little bit. If she really needs me, I go in but this was an over-tired moment that even mom can't help with. Once he left her alone, she fell asleep in minutes. 
I learned a very important lesson today about collecting all of the facts - something I would have
done once I was more collected, but something I should have done first. And I was shown, once again, how precious my children are - their love has inspired me all over again.
Aaron's ultimate goal each day is to be a helper (you can see him helping build a bunk bed below) and to make Mama happy. He has so much fun scheming with Eric ways to make me smile - they go together to pick up dinner when I'm not feeling well, they surprise me with flowers, and Aaron will randomly race up, say I love you, and give me the biggest hug! I told Aaron the other day that I was hungry and asked if I could eat his ear. He not only said that I could but asked if I wanted his other ear too and turned his head so I could access it:) He's great at making me smile too - He was once telling me a story and I was quietly "listening." He stopped in the middle and said, quoting the movie,Up, "You know? You don't talk much... I like you!" I busted up laughing, it was so unexpected!
Audrey has become quite the snuggler. She loves to lay with me, sit with me, hug me and kiss me. These kids never seem to run out of love for me or for each other. I was hiding behind the couch the other day under a blanket due to a headache and overall being done with my children for a day. Aaron and Audrey came and found me. Aaron asked if I was hurt and when I said yes, he and Audrey shared a look and climbed right into my lap. They reminded me why I do this - why I push through the hard times, why I'm a mom. I'm so blessed to have my little family!

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