Thursday, October 16, 2014

Bring a Friend to Preschool Day!

Aaron's friend Daniel attends Preschool and today they had bring a friend day!
Daniel invited Aaron and BOY was he EXCITED!

I can't believe how big he looks!

I had Daniel and his mom, Stephanie, drop Aaron off. When Eric and I are around, Aaron gets clingy for a while and fights going to play with his friends. I'm not sure if he feels obligated to make sure we feel included or what ... but when we aren't there, he jumps right in!
She was so sweet to take some photos for me!

He had so much fun. He even cried when he had to leave - this is a good sign folks!
He was very excited to show Audrey his Happy/Sad face!

He was so tired he even napped in the afternoon. Score! 

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