Tuesday, October 7, 2014


We had been talking with Eric's parents about going boating this season but nothing ever panned out. We had resigned ourselves to not going and waiting till next year, but this morning, Eric's mom called... It was to be one of the last warm evenings and they had it free! Did we want to go?
Eric got off a bit early and we headed out to sail! 
This was Audrey's first time since she was too small for a life-jacket last year.
We had a blast!

 We started with Eric and Aaron out on the water. 

They had SO much fun! But Audrey was desperate to get in the water, so she and I went out to join them
She was OBSESSED with jumping as we rode.

The kids also had fun just playing in the water...
We ended the night with trying to knock Daddy off the raft :)
We had fun watching him fly! He knows just how to lean to jump the waves.

We eventually did get him to fall off, though it was an accident, haha.
Slack in the rope is not a fun way to go... ouch. Sorry, Daddy!
When he went down Aaron got very upset and asked if we were going to go save him!
Of course we'll save Daddy!

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