Sunday, April 20, 2014


I absolutely love Easter. I always have, but Ane makes it something truly remarkable! She and Mark put so much effort into making it so fun!
For brunch, Ane organized everyone by birthday so we could all have a chance sitting next to someone we might not normally sit by (since normally we sit by our kids...). How fun is that?!?

Then came the kids' egg hunt. Audrey was totally smitten with Courtney and loved going with her to find eggs! Aaron went with us and Julie.
Left is before the hunt and right is after.

Everyone collecting their prizes. It's chaos of the best kind!

To switch up the adult hunt, we all were tied at the ankle to our spouse... Such fun!

After the hunts, everyone was exhausted.

I enjoyed making Audrey's bow and Aaron's tie.

Sunday was fun. I made the baskets for Aaron, Audrey, and our neighbors.

 Eric wasn't feeling well so he stayed home with Audrey and Aaron and I went to church together.
He even came up with me to give the opening prayer for Sacrament meeting.
GP sent us an amazing ham that I cooked up for dinner. What a great season! 

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