Friday, April 25, 2014


Aaron is extremely proficient in talking - more so than most kids his age. That being said, he does have his own way of saying things in certain cases.
  • Goose Driver = Screwdriver (his all time favorite - if he can get Grampa's or Daddy's, even better!)
  • Hair Plane = Airplane
  • New Brella = Umbrella
  • Beer = Bear
  • Spider Ants = Ants
  • Leaves = Gloves
  • Buggerfly = Any bug that flies
  • Hiccup = Make Up
  • Bassosauce = Applesauce
  • Pack Pack = Back Pack
  • Other Mama = Gramma (thank goodness we figured out what this one was. It hurt my feelings when he would ask for his "other mama")
  • Oovie = Movie
Aaron has been learning to apologize better. He states what he did to whom, why it was wrong, how he will change in the future, and asks for forgiveness. This has really struck a chord with him. He even, one night, told Heavenly Father in his prayers in the evening how he had made mama sad and asked for forgiveness. I cried. What a sweet little boy we have! He is so eager to "make mama happy." Everytime he makes me smile he is over joyed because he "made mama happy." I love him to pieces!

We were teaching him about feeling the Spirit (Holy Ghost) and what we can do to have the Spirit in our home. He said he knew what the Spirit is... he informed us that the Spirit is in our home and that he fights crime in the sky. Haha! Did YOU know the Holy Ghost is a Superhero?!?
Afterwards, in his prayer, he prayed that mama teach dance and daddy clean up the dishes.
Done kid ... I like this plan!

This doesn't mean life is perfect though... oh no...
During quiet time one day, while I was in the shower, he did this ... it was during a particularly difficult week. We are still working to get it fixed - but until then his playroom is off limits. We are both going a little crazy from having no playroom. Notice how his cars are all lined up nicely. No glass injuries in him, thank goodness! He openly told me about the window (as he does with every wrongdoing) and showed me the wooden ball he had hit the window with to break it. Sometimes his honesty makes it harder because I want him to continue to be honest but I still have to punish the crime - I don't want him to start lying to avoid punishment. So far I've explained the because he told the truth, his punishment is lighter... hopefully it sticks. 

We caught the tail end of Eric's It vs Marketing throwdown at work this year (Eric was in charge with his buddy, Keros and they had a nerf war at the end). Aaron and his OCD ways had to make sure that all the bullets were picked up, and he totally wanted to play!

 Aaron is very popular and has tons of friends. He is always the leader, no matter how much older his friends are.

Aaron loves to dance - absolutely loves it. I was teaching some dance at Precoa for their Incentive Trip (The RC's are doing a dance) and Aaron wanted to join in the fun :)
shhh... the dance is a secret. Don't tell anyone in sales! 
Aaron also loves to sing!

As always, we are completely into whatever the grown-ups are doing :)

We have been doing tons of revamping on our yard and I'm so excited about it! Aaron has had such a blast outside!


He does random silly things like hide his shoes inside Daddy's shoes...
As always, he still falls asleep everywhere.
Or get dressed entirely backwards - underwear and all for when we go to the grocery store... At least he put on his shoes right! He was too proud of himself for me to say anything ;)

He is super patient with Audrey and lets her play with his toys (at least, for the vast majority of the time).
I can't imagine a better brother for her! She truly is lucky!

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