Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Eric's New Computer

Last week, Eric ordered a new computer  ... not just a new computer, but all the bits and pieces for him to put together himself to make sure it is truly the computer he wants.

Eric's brother, Jon, came over to help him build it.  I only managed to snap one photo:

The caption for this photo is what Eric said at the time I took it:

"Uhhh... was that supposed to break?"
The answer, it indeed was supposed to break! 

Aaron and I both had our own way of making use of the boxes...
I combined Eric's boxes with the ones from the packages my parents sent us this week and...
Voila! A house!

Aaron, thought that was boring and turned one of the boxes into a slide:

This is how he treats the computer: He drums on it

And this is what he does while Eric uses the computer:

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