Thursday, August 23, 2012

Aaron's Words

Hello There!

You thought we had died, didn't you...? Haha, I don't think I've gone so long without posting since I started this blog!  I have a post from our trip to Utah in the works - I'm just waiting on some photos ... *cough* ... to be given to me.

But I wanted to do a post so I thought I'd list all the words that Aaron can say!
  • Buh-bye (he even waves while he does it)
  • Nuh-nye (he will guide me to his room saying nuh-nye and pull on the crib when he's ready for a nap)
  • Uh-oh (super cute)
  • Mor (More)
  • Mol (Mole - I'll explain later)
  • Ba-bo (it's bottle, with out the t sound)
  • Ba-bo (this is bubble - when he wants me to blow bubbles, and yes, it sounds identical to his way of saying bottle)
  • Ball (he LOVES balls!)
  • Cheese (his favorite)
  • th-e-reu (this is a version of Thank You - either that or he is trying to say "there")
  • dank-doo (this is his other version of Thank You - the one that sounds much closer...)
  • Baby (so cute - he points to babies or pats them on the head and says it)
  • Baby (this also means binkie - you just have to look at what he's pointing at)
  • Di-per (Diaper, when he wants a diaper change)
  • Sha-shoe (Shoes - for when he wants to go outside)
  • Fishy (a goldfish cracker)
  • No! or nonono (depending on whether he's telling us that we are doing something wrong - like putting something in the trash or plugging something into an outlet - (nonono) or if he is telling us he does not want something (No!) or if he is pointing to my nose (nonono)

Not a great video, but you hear buh-bye, diaper, and shoe :)

He also can find your Eyes, Nose (he says nonono as he points to it), Mouth, Ears, and (on Mama's face...) Mole (he says mol as he points to it). I need to get a video of this :)

Aaron loves to be outside and to run as fast as he can (he thinks he can run faster than he can really run so sometimes he falls down). He loves flowers - he likes to "smell" them (he puts his face against the flower and blows out through his nose) and he loves the swings. He likes to climb and he likes to make people laugh. If he can tell you are upset or if he is not feeling well, he will come sit on your lap and just laugh until you laugh, then, content, he will climb down and go back to playing. This has happened every time he is sick without fail and when I am obviously sad or cranky. He will wave at everybody and is starting to get frustrated when they don't wave back - he hollers at them and when they look, he waves again. He loves hugs and he will kiss anything! After he does something wrong and I have to tell him "no no" he comes and gives me a hug and kiss as if to say he's sorry (he will also kiss the item he is not supposed to be playing with). I love my little boy so much. He is such a joy.

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