Friday, October 7, 2016

The Jog of a Lifetime

This morning, Aaron's school had a jog-a-thon. The families were invited and Aaron told me that he really wanted us to come. A few minutes before the event, I was putting the girls in the car and realized the car was dead. I flew into a frenzy and told the girls to jump in the stroller. He wanted us there, so we were going to be there! We're Oregonians now, we fear no rain! 

Whoever came up with the "walking distance" time estimate for Google did not include the fact that three-quarters of it is up hill.  However, we jogged the whole way and got there - less than halfway through the event. (Next time I fly into a frenzy, I will definitely have to remember to take off my high-heeled boots - thank heavens for a college degree with a requirement to move fast in heels!) 

When we got there, we saw Aaron scanning the crowd as he ran past, searching for us - which made me even happier that we'd pushed through to be there and support him, as he'd hoped. As he came back around and saw us, he was so excited! Originally he'd said we should come watch, but now, he had us run the track with him. (Sometimes walk, but lots of jogging and actual running!)

His plan was to complete 5 rotations. Instead, he got 13. Each set of 2 "rotations" is a quarter of a mile.

I finally got to meet his buddies and loved watching them take care of eachother on the track. One fell a ways back and Aaron told us to stay put, he had to go help his friend. The three of them also played tag to help push through their exhaustion. 

We looked like drowned rats by the end (ok, *I* looked that way), but it was well worth it!
Jared, Nathaniel, Aaron
October 7, 2016

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