Monday, August 4, 2014

Our Trip to Utah!

This trip has been absolutely amazing but we are happy to be back in our own beds!
The kids and I headed to Utah back on Tuesday, the 22nd of July. 

We flew out with Eric's dad, Mark. Our ride to the airport was running suuuuuuper late so we made it to the airport 25 minutes before our flight. We prayed the whole way to the airport that we would make it and little things like people letting us in happened all the way there! When we got there, Mark marched right up to the front of the check bags line and promptly pushed the button. The manager noticed and came over. When she saw the time our flight was to leave she did not object and proceeded to check our bags. It was at this point that Audrey peed all over me (is this a tradition or something? Aaron did the same thing to me right before his first flight... let's not make this a tradition. kay? thanks.). After we checked our bags we asked a TSA agent if there was any way to cut the 200 person line for security. He suggested, rather rudely, that we *politely* ask every single person if we can go ahead of them. Seriously? 
Well, I had to run and change Audrey anyway so Mark and Aaron waited in line. I rushed to the bathroom which happens to be right by the first class security... 
When I came out I went up to the first class TSA agent and asked, after telling the gentleman the time of our flight, if there was anyway we would board in time. He had me grab Mark and got us through right there! The people saw Audrey's milk and I could no longer just throw it out - they had to screen it so I sent Mark and Aaron ahead to stall the plane while they took their sweet, lecture full, aggravating time scanning the milk. When they finished, I kicked off my heals, grabbed Audrey and my 2 bags and began sprinting the 1/4 of a mile to the plane. 
I saw Aaron and Mark ahead of me as I neared the end so I started walking but felt prompted to again run. They went around the corner to the plane entrance and as I caught up to the same corner they were rounding it back to me! Apparently, without me, the gentleman wouldn't let them on the plane (if I didn't get through security the flight wouldn't leave on time if they had to get back off the plane). I raced into view and luckily they stopped shutting the door to the plane! 
Can you imagine if I hadn't begun running again? They let us on board and we managed to even sit together (albeit on the very back row of the plane). The flight attendants were super nice and gave Aaron tons of extra snacks. We landed before we even knew the flight had passed! Aaron and Audrey were spectacular even with no naps! I love my kids!
We got off the plane and miraculously our bags even made it on the flight - they were the first off. Lucky us! 

Aaron was so excited to see his Grams and Papa!!!
The dog was fond of licking Audrey's nose. This was her response every time.
Eric showed up on Thursday evening. Boy was I glad to see him!

Audrey liked to pretend to drink un-opened sodas and Aaron liked to find opened sodas to drink

I got to go shopping and to lunch with my sisters and then got to play Munchkins with Kristi!

Melissa and Kenny did a pinata to show us they are having a girl! My kids were already in bed but it was still fun.

My kids LOVE to be outside and being outside with PAPA is the BEST!
Audrey got really good at saying, "papa, papa!"

We had a few fun photoshoots while we were there!
The first was of my kids in the dress and tie I made them. The tie had a pattern, the dress did not. I'm over all super pleased with how they both turned out! 
Laura got some fun shots!

 Then she did Eric and I in our formal attire for the cruise!


Lastly was all of us in our Wilkinson Family Reunion shirts (my little family didn't go this year but they still got us shirts!) This is my absolute favorite shot of the shoot!
So accurate!!!

I was pretty sad to leave my babies when we were first walking away (and everytime I thought about it while we were still in Utah) but once we actually left, I was over it ;)  We did a hangout in Florida to say goodbye one last time and we were all ok by then.
I knew they'd be fine and that we'd all have fun in our own way without each other. 

Here are my kids while we were gone.

They got some pictures of Audrey in some of my old clothes.

Seriously ... that poor dog. What a good sport he is!

When we came back, Audrey was so excited to see us that she threw up for the first time ... yay ... Poor kid! She was definitely ready to be held! Everyone enjoyed getting their gifts. All the girls in my family received a bracelet and all the boys a key chain (Roatan) and my mom got a spoon holder (Cozumel). Aaron and Audrey received maracas (Cozumel), Audrey a white dress (and I one to match along with earrings) and they both got matching yellow shirts/dress (Cozumel). They both got stingray stuffed animals and large wood crayons (Grand Cayman). Aaron also got a pirate hat (Grand Cayman). Eric got a polo, a small xylophone and a frog instrument (Roatan). I had so much fun shopping! We didn't get anything in Belize but that's because the whole day was taken up with the excursions - totally worth it!

When it came time to leave, Papa gave Aaron some more Papa rocks (polished rocks that Aaron carries around that make him happy), a Danish kronr on a string (Danish money necklace) and he made him a medal (Wreck it Ralph) that is a CD that says HERO on it. So cute! Aaron was sad to go but ready to be home.
It helps that Gramma and Grampa are the ones who were to pick us up from the airport. 

Our flight back home was uneventful, for which I am grateful. I am more than happy to wait in lines because at least it means I'm not rushed! 
Our flight was a bit delayed (and we got there super early per my new paranoia) and Aaron kept looking out the window for the plane. So we found some other fun things to do while we waited.

Thank goodness they are small enough to be carry-ons! 

 During our descent, Aaron's ears didn't pop. We tried everything, poor kid. What helped him calm down wasn't all of our techniques, but reminding him that Gramma and Grampa were waiting for him! He then decided that they would make his ears feel better. He told them, "my ears hurt, really really bad. but you can make them better." and gave them a big smile. This is now a new thing. He makes up ailments as we are heading to see Gramma and Grampa... Oh well, at least they always feel better once he sees them.

 We are SO BLESSED to have been able to go on this amazing trip!
Eric has been great at doing the dishes so I don't have to (the one thing I was not looking forward to coming back to). Now all he needs to do is learn to make towel animals ;)
Welcome home to us!

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