Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Aaron and Audrey

Aaron loves his sister so much. He is an amazing big brother and he loves to go around bragging about the fact that he is a big brother. He loves to share his toys, lay next to her, and he is never ending fascinated with just watching and kissing her!
The other day, Audrey started fussing while laying on her back. With Eric watching, Aaron went up, rolled her to her stomach, patted her back, waited for her to burp and stop crying, and then rolled her back to her back. He totally knew what she needed!
If you listen close, you can hear him humming to her.
Aaron has started calling her "Gorgeous Girl" like I do.
One day, he came up to her and I asked, "Isn't she beautiful?" He then stroked her head and said, "She Beautiful." He then looked at me with a thoughtful look and after a bit, he stroked my head and said, "She Beautiful." Such a sweet boy!

Aaron loves to do things for Audrey. He loves to color her pictures.

He also loves to  play songs and sing to her. I often find him singing her songs like Itsy Bitsy Spider. He even plays songs for her on the drums :)

Aaron has started saying prayers without our help. Lots of the time he mumbles, but we can always make out a few words. Every prayer includes the word, "Audrey."
I hope they are always such good friends and that he continues to protect and take care of her the way he does now!

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  1. OMGOSH i am DYING! your kids are seriously the sweetest!


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